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Movie about black women mathematicians inspires local learner Corporate-funded extra tuition helped Someleze Mjekula achieve academically
Seventeen-year-old Someleze Mjekula is not your average teenager. Quiet and self assured, he achieved an incredible 100% in physical science in his matric finals last year,
08 Jul 2019
MATHS & SCIENCE Formulas for success
The advancement of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in our schools takes center stage with expos and events galore
25 Nov 2015
ARCHITECTURE Combining sustainability with design
Architects of the future combine sustainability with design at the 28th Corobrick Architectural Student of the Year awards.
30 Jan 2015
ENGINEERING Consulting our engineers
It’s a fact: South Africa is severely under-engineered.
04 Sep 2014
Engineered Ingenuity Developing an engineering sector requires funding
South Africa has set aggressive targets for its infrastructure development plans. Set to increase the country’s physical infrastructure and the role government expenditure plays in creating formal jobs.
09 Jul 2012


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