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ALL YOU WANT FOR XMAS All YOU want for Xmas…is more customers
This Festive Season, Effective Intelligence (EI) - South Africa’s leading direct marketing solutions provider - offers you the gift of more customers. With a crystal clear
05 Dec 2016
Listen. Your Customers WANT To love you Tips for improving customer experience
With so much emphasis placed on finding customers today, businesses often lose sight of keeping the one’s they do have. Thanks to social media and our digital culture,
05 Apr 2016
MEDIA RELEASE Get past the “what” to the “why” of true personalised customer engagement
2015 has definitely been the year where the notion of “Data, “Customer Intelligence”, “The Internet of Things”, “Digital Transformation”
27 Oct 2015
MEDIA RELEASE Bridging the divide between Customer Intelligence and Business Intelligence
The popular phrase “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” characterizes the relationship between a brand and a consumer. The more time and energy brands
11 Aug 2015
PRESS RELEASE How to embrace “The Age of the Customer”
Simone Ardagh, Effective Intelligence Customer Engagement Connoisseur and Evangelist, is excited about the company’s Real-Time marketing orchestration hub because it enables
01 Jul 2015
MEDIA RELEASE Do you suffer from dysfunctional analytics?
An informed decision, is a better decision. By using the right analytics, you can put intelligence into action helping you increase profitability, enhance productivity and deliver
10 Mar 2015


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